Newport Junior Rugby u11

Welcome to the Newport Junior Rugby Club Under 11’s Home Page

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Register for “Newport Junior Rugby” not Newport Rugby which is the senior rugby club!

Season training Wednesday nights 5PM – 6:30PM Porters

The Council updates the status of the grounds here

Warringah Village Trials March 20th

Gala Days Sundays March 27th and April 3rd

Break for Easter School Holidays

Back into it Friday 29th April through June 5

Break for State Champs weekend June 10-13

Break for Winter Holidays 1-21st July

August 14th last round robin

Grand Finals 19th – 28th August

Games Fridays and Sundays

Pack boots, training jersey and a learner’s attitude. Head gear, mouth guard and your own footie, optional.

Dolphin Ground Marshal and AR Roster

Breakers GM and Assistant Refs Roster

Jersey and Oranges Roster

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